Antartica Project


The Antarctica Project, promoted by Fundación Telefónica with the collaboration of the Regional Ministry of Education of the Region of Murcia (through Fundación Séneca), brings together different elements of educational innovation. Transmedia: Use of a powerful media combination, focused on the objectives of the project, with actors adjusted to the target present in audiovisuals, social



Donarfest is an educational proposal, pioneering in Spain, for the promotion of organ transplants in adolescents. It is a small festival of short films made with mobile phones where our teenagers promote solidarity and participation in organ donation programmes.

Educational Television


Most TV executives think that, to avoid putting the audience to sleep, these two terms should not go together. Relax, it's an urban legend created to hide a lack of imagination and creativity. Fortunately, there are many of us who think differently. Those of us who believe that television can and should be used

European Innovation Projects


Ingenio Labs participates in several European projects within the Erasmus+ Strategic Alliances programme. In all of them we assume the role of partner developer of educational innovation, with digital tools aimed at improving digital education and, most of the time, to promote inclusive education, facilitating the educational normalisation of people with disabilities. We are involved,