At inGenio Labs we can design, apply, analyse and evaluate all kinds of studies related to children and young people and, in particular, the educational usefulness of any product, brand or action. We are specialists in educational and developmental psychology, so we assess the evolutionary characteristics (cognitive, socioemotional, psychomotor…) of children and their influence on the variables to be analysed. We have a wide network of specialised collaborators throughout Spain (mostly university professors in the educational field) capable of coordinating field work in their area, allowing us to dispense with subcontracting to companies in this field, with personnel who have little knowledge of the specific characteristics of the educational centres, their idiosyncrasies and internal functioning. All this allows us to rely on surveyors from the field of education, all of them university graduates, always with ad hoc training on the study to be carried out and its objectives, and with a very close (and realistic) knowledge of the educational centres and institutions. Likewise, our staff responsible for statistical analysis are among the country’s leading experts in this field, with national reference manuals and numerous specialised publications in the area; this guarantees the selection of the most powerful and innovative statistical tests, as well as the reduction of margins of error.

In this field, we have different channels for the national dissemination of research results among public and private entities, primary, secondary and university teachers and families with school-age children (with the possibility of reaching 98% of them).

Ingenio Labs is part of The Modern Kids and Family Chair, an international academic benchmark in terms of training, dissemination and research in the fields of childhood and adolescence in consumption, trends, citizenship, creativity, digital, etc. and to become the meeting point for the latest research on these topics…

WORK 4.0

The innovative horizon for the company is enormous. From the incorporation of innovative training systems based on gamification, customised to the worker, transversal, with an emphasis on soft skills, so difficult to work on using traditional methods, to the incorporation of intelligent systems, based on big data, or beacon systems, with personalised interaction. An intelligent way of investing in organisations.

What are we working on?

Gamified job training systems: Can you imagine an online training environment with real images of your company where your employees can interact with elements such as tools or devices? It will certainly be much more effective than receiving a generic course, the same that other companies receive, without adapting it to your company. In addition, our systems allow us to work on soft skills, which traditional systems are not able to work on and which are, precisely, essential in a job: motivation, cooperation, self-management of time, self-esteem, etc. …..

Beacons and Big Data: We have developed our own system for programming beacons in a simple way, so that we can create an environment based on a client app where we can receive materials and resources adapted to each person, with name and surname. Videos, audios, text, 3D designs… whatever we want, informing the client of resources tailored just for them. It also applies perfectly to warehouse logistics, providing tasks to employees, establishing delivery routes and movement of goods… Imagine a similar system in tourist environments, providing personalised information on each monument or tourist itinerary, establishing routes indoors, where GPS cannot reach? and much more precise! Oh, and zero maintenance.

Augmented reality: One of the most promising technologies, especially in education and the workplace. We are carrying out a development that, using devices such as a smartphone or tablet, provides instructions on the camera image to, for example, operate a machine or carry out a task, avoiding the presence of an instructor at our side. We are making it for sequential work chains and adapted for people with disabilities.

Training in communication skills through chatbot: To train healthcare professionals in clinical interviews with patients. With real images in real healthcare environments, totally unattended, gamified, with personalised messages and a performance that regulates the level of difficulty. A digital breakthrough in an area of content confined to face-to-face.