Project Description

Most TV executives think that, to avoid putting the audience to sleep, these two terms should not go together. Relax, it’s an urban legend created to hide a lack of imagination and creativity. Fortunately, there are many of us who think differently. Those of us who believe that television can and should be used to transmit values, content and knowledge that provide value to children in a way that is so entertaining that it keeps them glued to the screen. That they can be easily coordinated with curricular content in a cross-cutting way, that they should fit into a complete and fun digital strategy… In short, things that seem like common sense and yet are not done: our favourites.

At Ingenio Labs, with the help of some of the best professionals in the sector in our country, we have designed two different proposals in this sense, both with puppets (Don’t you think there is too much animation in children’s television? We think so, and so do the BBC, Apple TV, PBS…).